Natalya Zaloznaya

Natalya Zaloznaya

Natalya Zaloznaya
Was born on May 23rd 1960 in Minsk, Belarus.
She graduated from
the Belarusian Academy of Arts in 1985.
In 1997, Natalya was granted
two European traineeships sponsored by foundations KulturKontakt (Vienna, Austria) and Künstlerhaus Boswil (Switzerland).
In 2005 her work was shown at the
51st Venice Biennale.
Her works can be found in the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow (Russia) and the Belarusian National Museum, Minsk (Belarus) as well as a significant number of private collections throughout the world. 
Since 2000, Natalya has been living and working in Brussels, Belgium.

Solo exhibitions (selection):

2017  А&V Art Gallery, Minsk, Belarus

2017  “11.12” Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2016  Dukley Art Center, Kotor, Montenegro

2016  Zedes Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2015  Lilja Zakirova Gallery, Heusden, Holland

2014  Gallery “Espace Blanche”, Brussels, Belgium
2014  “11.12” Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2014  Artaban Gallery, Paris, France

2013  Gallery “Neva”, Aarau, Switzerland

2013  Gallery “De Twee Pauwen”, The Hague, Holland
2011  Lilja Zakirova Gallery, Heusden, Holland

2010  Group 2 Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2010  Colourblind Gallery, Cologne, Germany

2010  Contemporary Art Museum, Minsk, Belarus
2010  Lilja Zakirova Gallery, Heusden, Holland

2009  Gallery “Volga”, Moscow, Russia

  2009  Gallery “De Twee Pauwen”, The Hague, Holland
2008  Gallery “Volga”, Moscow, Russia

2008  Group 2 Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2008  Lilja Zakirova Gallery, Heusden, Holland

2007  Gallery “De Twee Pauwen”, The Hague, Holland
2007  Ludwig Lefevere Gallery, Knokke-Zoute,
2007  Lilja Zakirova Gallery, Heusden, Holland
2006  Group 2 Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2006  Lilja Zakirova Gallery, Heusden, Holland
2005  Group 2 Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2005  Spectrum Gallery, London, UK
2005  Lilja Zakirova Gallery, Heusden, Holland

2004  Gertsev Gallery, Atlanta, USA

2004  Royden Prior Gallery, Eton, UK

2003  Marc Van Meensel Gallery, Zelem-Halen, Belgium
2002  Gertsev Gallery , Moscow, Russia
2002  Gallery “Paradigma”, Brussels, Belgium

2002  Gallery “Espace Blanche”, Brussels, Belgium
1998  Gertsev Gallery, Moscow, Russia

1998  Gallery “d’Haudrecy“, Knokke-Zoute, Belgium
1997  “Bibliothek”, Kunstlerhaus, Boswil, Switzerland
1997  KulturKontakt, Vienna, Austria

1992  National Art Museum of Belarus 

Art Fairs:

2017  Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair
2017  Forreal Art Fair. Amsterdam

2016  Art The Hague

2015  Art The Hague
2015  Art Miami

2014  Art The Hague
2014  Scope Basel
2014  KunstRai

2014  Art Paris

2013  Art Elysées

2013  Art Southampton
2013  Art Palm Beach
2012  Shanghai Art Fair
2012  Art Elysées  Group ExhibitIons (selection):
2016  “You can be free». Museum of Modern Art «Erarta», St.Petersburg, Russia
2016  “Everything was different». National Centre of Modern Arts, Minsk, Belarus
2012  “Food for Thought”, Zedes Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2004  51 Biennale, Venice, Italy

2003  “Art from Minsk” Kunsthof-88, Almelo, Holland

2000  “New Art of Belarus »,Contemporary Art Centre, Warsaw, Poland

1999  “Communication Front”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

1996  “Bel-Art-Transit”, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

1995  “On the Gallery”, National Art Museum of Belarus, Minsk

1994  “Artists from Minsk”, Bonn, Germany

1992  “Lessons of Bad Art”, Palace of Arts, Minsk, Belarus 


"Побег 1". холст, акрил 140х100 см, 2017.
"Побег 2". холст, акрил 140х100 см, 2017 т.
"Побег 4". холст, акрил 140х100 см, 2016.
"Побег 5". холст, акрил 140х100 см,2016.
"Побег 13". холст, акрил 50х60 см, 2017.
"Побег 12". холст, акрил 50х70 см, 2017.
"Побег 14". холст, акрил 50х60 см, 2017.
"Игральные карты 1". холст, акрил 140х100 см,2016.
"Игральные карты 2". холст, акрил 140х100 см,2016.
"Игральные карты 3". холст, акрил 140х100 см,2016.
"Игральные карты 4". холст, акрил 140х100 см,2016.
"Побег 3". холст, акрил 140х100 см, 2018.
"Побег 4". холст, акрил, 140х110 см, 2018.
"Побег 5". холст, акрил, 140х100, 2018.