Natalya Lipskaya

Natalya Lipskaya

Born in 1995.
Minsk, Belarus. Graduated from Minsk State Gymnasium-College of Arts and the Shirokov Institute of Modern Knowledge.
The artist's works are based on personal experiences and observations of the surrounding reality, where each painting is a picturesque note with irony. In terms of meaning, the paintings speak to the viewer in a familiar language: about loneliness among people, awkward situations, internal barriers hindering living as one desires, and the joy of overcoming them. The focus of the plots and characters is on the beauty of the person as a whole, experiencing adolescence, friendship, love, and old age throughout their life, each moment uniquely beautiful. In the gloomy look of a stranger and any hopeless situation there is good and definitely there is a way out - this idealistic idea united many of Natalia’s works.



• Exhibition project "Postscriptum XXXIII," Palace of Art, Minsk, 2023.
• "Autumn Salon" with Belagazprombank. Diploma: 5th place in the "Painting" category, Minsk, 2023.
• Solo exhibition "Time to Love," Yesterday club, Minsk, 2023.
• Annual festival of contemporary art "Art-Minsk." Diploma: 3rd place in the "Painting" category, 2023.
• Solo exhibition "Alone," Palace of Art, space "DAcoffee," Minsk, 2022.
• "Autumn Salon" with Belagazprombank, Minsk, 2022.